Book Reviews

Instruction Without Boundaries, what a great title. What it implies! Dare we envision that we now have the capacity to tear down the four institutional walls that literally and figuratively restrict our capacity as educators to maximize our potential to maximize all learners' potential?

The authors, clearly experts in instructional design theory where technology is embedded in a multidimensional whole, firstly, define those dimensions, and then, provide multitudes of strategies that can be used in and out of conventional classroom settings with synthesized success.

Using a book like this is useful in college methods course programs and in school district systems' professional development efforts. Not only do the resources provided soothe those with reluctance to engage these strategies, but it also gives more than sufficient information about how to make them successful realities.

  • Dr. Richard Bernato, Professor, Author, Consultant, and Futurist

While we are now seeing an influx of more PD books for educators, this fine group of author/educators wrote a fantastic book. This book, "Instruction without Boundaries" -

Instruction Without Boundaries: Enhance your Teaching Strategies with Technology Tools in Any Setting is very informative and thorough. Filled with great information and well put together, I like the strategies and found the book to be a great read. There is plenty of evidence and research, but the book is not overly "researchy" at all.

Students will be enriched by the information and knowledge that educators will gain by reading this well needed book.

  • Jeff Kubiak, Assistant Principal and Author

In Instruction Without Boundaries, the authors challenge educators to reflect on what we've learned about engaging students with EdTech during the pandemic, and what we need to keep as best practices for students. This book is foward-thinking; it is not about how to just get through a challenging moment but how to design instruction that merges the best of what we "used to do" and what we "now know we must do." This book should be required reading in all teacher preparation courses!

  • Dr. Larry Dake, Assistant Superintendant of Instruction and Finance, Professor, and Author

Instruction Without Boundaries is a thoroughly researched book with practical approaches to purposefully integrating tech into our classrooms. An accessible and useful book for teachers no matter their years of experience.

  • Nicole Vieira, Secondary English and Language Arts Teacher