Three Educators Working Together to Create Classrooms Without Boundaries

Meet the Authors

Matt Rhoads, Janelle McLaughlin, and Shannon Moore have teamed up to help you create, navigate, and amplify student learning within classrooms without boundaries. Learn more about them below!

Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D.

Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D. is an expert and innovator in educational technology and instructional strategy integration within online, blended, and traditional in-person classroom settings. As a practicing educator in K-12, Adult Education, and higher education, he develops EdTech tool integrations with instructional strategies to drive instruction. He also has expertise in instructing teachers and educational leaders on how to utilize data to make data-driven decisions to drive instruction as well as has developed a data literacy curriculum for K-12 educators. Dr. Rhoads publications focus on instructional and organizational frameworks that help K-12 schools toggle between various educational settings and integrating research-based instructional strategies with mainstream EdTech tools to amplify student learning within any classroom setting. His latest books include Navigating the Toggled Term: A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders and the Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative series. He also has his podcast, Navigating Education - The Podcast, which discusses all topics related to education, instruction, policy, and coaching. For more information on Dr. Rhoads and his work, visit his website at You can connect with him on Twitter @mattrhoads1990.

Shannon Moore, M.Ed

Shannon Moore is a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) for the Educator Support department in her district. She values connections, communication, innovation, creativity, and progressive-thinking in the classroom. She believes in educational transformation through the use of best practices supplemented by diverse EdTech tools. As a Google for Education Certified Trainer she aims to enhance the practices of educators everywhere by providing relevant and thoughtful approaches to instructional design and delivery and supporting them in the implementation process. Additionally, she is a firm believer in the power that rests in integrating creativity into every facet of classroom practice and as an Adobe Education Leader commits to ensuring students are given the chance to creatively exemplify their understanding and educators feel confident in taking creative risks to maximize student learning. When she is not working on changing the world of education, she is hanging out with her husband and her two cats, or reading a good book while sipping a hot cup of coffee. Connect with her on Twitter: @Smoore_Teach

Janelle McLaughlin, M.Ed

Janelle Clevenger McLaughlin, is an Education Consultant for Advanced Learning Partnerships working with districts all across the United States. She is a former curriculum director for Manchester Community Schools in Indiana where she led the high ability and RTI programming, curriculum development, 1:1 implementation, and professional development initiatives. Prior to that role, Ms. McLaughlin spent 14 years as a classroom teacher. Her experiences as a consultant range from job-embedded coaching for teachers and administrators, to leading reflective collaborations and facilitating action-plan development.

Ms. McLaughlin has a strong belief in the power of education and the role leaders play in building a strong foundation for the organization. She has worked with educational leaders in over thirty different states and two countries. She has presented on numerous topics at national and international events. Her latest book, Leadership at Every Level: Five Qualities of Effective Classroom, School, and District Leaders is available through Solution Tree and Amazon.

Ms. McLaughlin’s greatest joys come from laughing with her two teens, Sydney and Evan. Connect with her on social media linked on her website:

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